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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I am beyond excited to be starting my appointment at Wye Mills United Methodist Church! I am from Wye Mills (part of the Allen tribe) and it is a real joy to be coming home. My name is Dane Rada and you can call me Dane or Pastor Dane. I believe this is an exciting time to begin this new season with you.

I currently live on Kent Island with my wife Kristi and our two sons Caleb (when not at college) and Eli. We have also been blessed to have our friend Danae and her nephew Isaiah live with us (we consider them to be like our own children). Caleb is 22, Eli is 15 and Isaiah is 15. Both Eli and Isaiah are sophomores at Kent Island High School.

I have been an associate pastor at Kent Island UMC for a bit over 1 year and that was my first appointment. My main responsibilities there were prison ministry, guitarist in the worship band, preaching, and small groups. I work full time for State Highway Administration in Baltimore, MD as the Network Section Chief. I am currently in my second year of seminary. I love Jesus, my family, being a pastor, and playing guitar.

My wife Kristi was very involved at Kent Island UMC as the worship leader and lead singer in the worship band, Sunday School teacher, involved in the youth program, head of Adult Studies, as well as many other things. She works part time as an Office Manager for a builder in Annapolis. Kristi loves Jesus, family, worship music, and Disney.

Caleb is a senior at Salisbury University and is very involved with media production and the radio station at the college. He is a fine young man who cares more about people than things.

Eli is very involved in youth ministry and has a great love for Jesus. He enjoys all things sports, especially the Ravens and music.  He is very engaging and willing to do anything for anyone.

Danae is the Youth Ministry Director at Kent Island UMC and has been for the past 2-3 years. She is also a classical trained chef with a degree in the culinary arts.

Isaiah is playing football at Kent Island High School and is very involved in the youth ministry at Kent Island UMC. Unfortunately Isaiah is a Dallas Cowboys Fan but he does love Jesus.  He s a very outgoing young man who would help anyone out at any time.

This is a short introduction to who we are and look forward to getting to know all of you and growing our family even more.

- Pastor Dane and Family

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